Getting Married?


But I, being poor have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

W. B. Yeats

If you, as a couple, are considering St. Patrick’s Church, Celbridge or St. Brigid’s Church, Straffan, as a place to celebrate your wedding we hope the information on this page will be of help.

Practical Information

  1. Check the availability of the Church of choice for your preferred date and time.
  2. The booking of the Church for the wedding is deemed to be provisional until the freedom of the couple to marry in the Church is established.

Booking requirements

Every effort is made to have the Church and surroundings in perfect condition for your wedding.

Fee for the Church.

The fees payable in respect of your wedding are as follows:

A fee of €500 in total payable in full at the time of booking the wedding. This cost covers the hire of the Church, heating, electricity, insurance, maintenance of the Church and payment to the Priest and Sacristan on your special day!

Please contact the parish office on 01-6288827 to check date availability and to request your booking form.

Apart from presiding at the ceremony the priest works with the couple to prepare appropriate wedding papers, helps with the order of service for the wedding and  organizes the rehearsal if required.

Please note: The Church is not booked until the booking form and fee is returned and paid.

Civil Requirements

Under a directive from the Civil Registrar’s Office (Sept 2007), couples must present themselves to the Civil Registrar at least 3 months before the date of the marriage, for further information contact;

The Registrar, Births, Deaths & Marriages, Civil Registration Office, Unit 5, Monread Office, Monread Rd., Naas, Co. Kildare, Contact 045 887660.

Along with personal data, the couple must give the name of the solemniser (priest) of the marriage to the Registrar. If all requirements are fulfilled you will receive a Marriage Registration Form (MRF). Without this Form the couple cannot get married nor may the Solemniser proceed with the Marriage Ceremony.

Religious Requirements

Obviously, there are various options open to you regarding how and where you can exchange your wedding vows (e.g. a Civil Wedding at home or abroad, or a Religious Wedding). Again, obviously, there are consequences that follow whatever pathway you opt for. Should you choose to explore the option of having your wedding in Celbridge and Straffan Parish, we will be delighted to journey with you. Our commitment is to help you in all aspects relating to the religious dimension of your wedding.

Church Documents required:

  • A Baptism Certificate – Long form including parents names (not a state birth cert and not an old baptism cert). It is evidence of your baptism and that you were not previously married. This is why it must be dated within six months of the wedding. You can get this from the Church where you were baptised.
  • A Confirmation Certificate available from the Church where you were confirmed.
  • A Letter of Freedom: from every place that you lived for more than six months since the age of sixteen. If you lived in numerous places, it may be necessary to get a sworn affidavit to vouch for the fact that you were never previously married. The letter of freedom can be attained from the parish in the area in question.
  • Your Pre-Marriage Course Certificate.

Fill out Pre-Nuptial Enquiry

This is a form which asks a number of questions to make sure that you understand the step that you are about to take. This form is organised by the Priest of your Parish where you are residing for the last six months or more. It is important to be in touch with the Priest to complete this form in good time.

Getting ready for the Wedding Day

There are two ways of celebrating the Sacrament of Marriage within the Church.

1) Celebrating the Sacrament of Marriage during a special Nuptial Mass.

2) Celebrating the Sacrament of Marriage during a Service of Prayer without a Mass and Holy Communion.

The choice is yours.

Click on the link to view a Template of option A Celebrating the Sacrament of Marriage during a Special Nuptial Mass  (Booklet format available email the parish office)

Click on the link to view a Template of option B Celebrating the Sacrament of Marriage during a Service of Prayer without a Mass and Holy Communion. (Available in Publisher)

Plan the Liturgy

It is important to us that your wedding liturgy reflect the depths of love we cherish as a Christian family, and that you wish to publicly proclaim on your wedding day. We are happy to help you choose the readings, prayers and music that reflect this love in your journey. The readings and the music should be appropriate to the context of a religious celebration. We also recommend that you consult with or in planning your ceremony.

Ordering a Papal Blessing

If you would like to have a ‘Papal Blessing’, you can order it through Veritas Bookstore. It takes a few months to get it and before ordering you will need to have a letter from your priest stating that you are to be married on a particular date and that you are practicing Catholics.

Previously Married

In cases where one or both parties have been previously married, certificates and full details of previous marriages are required. Where applicable, death certificates or nullity certificates are also required.


If your prospective spouse is not a Roman Catholic, you will need to get a ‘Dispensation’ (also, if you are getting married in a non-Catholic Church you will need a dispensation). In consultation with you, your priest will get these from your Bishop.

Book your Pre-Marriage course

Courses are run throughout the year but are generally limited to ten couples so early booking is advisable. ‘Accord’ (The Catholic Dublin Diocesan Agency for Marriage) run courses in a number of centres throughout the diocese. or

In the Church

Flowers provided for the wedding on the altar are normally left in the church for the celebration of Sunday Masses ( for advice speak to the Sacristan prior to the ceremony).

  •  No confetti anywhere in the Church grounds as it is now regarded  as environmental pollution.
  •  No Candles in the body of the Church because of safety and insurance regulation

Useful internet sites: &MID=44

A worthwhile book to guide you as you plan your marriage is “A Wedding of our own” by Padraig McCarthy.

It is available from Veritas Book stores in Blanchardstown or Abbey Street, Dublin.

if you require any assistance, or have any queries at all, please contact the Parish Office on 01 6288827 or by email at

Vintage Cupid Illustration

Cupid in Flight
48” x 48” Giclee print on archival paper.

Vintage Cupid Illustration

Cupid in Flight
48” x 48” Giclee print on archival paper.

Vintage Cupid Illustration

Cupid in Flight
48” x 48” Giclee print on archival paper.