Parish Events

All events, including Mass, other Sacraments, Liturgical and Prayer Services and any Special Events that may be taking place in the Parish.

Weekdays at St Patrick’s

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday morning Mass in St Patrick’s

Weekday Evening Mass

Wednesday and Friday Evenings at St Patrick’s

Coming Closer to Jesus

A series of talks on developing our personal relationship with Jesus, by Fr Joe. On line only. Access at clicking on mobile camera option. This talk is normally followed by Night Prayer at 9.30pm again on line only. A beautiful reflective end to the day.

Eucharistic Adoration

Eucharistic Adoration in St. Patrick’s led by the Legion of Mary. An hour in the company of Jesus in a most profound and real way.

Prayer at the Foot of the Cross

Prayer at the Foot of the Cross in St Patrick’s led by Parish Team. In our Parish we acknowledge the sacred moment of 3 o’clock, almost like a mini Good Friday. In the presence of the Crucified Lord, we gather and ask for forgiveness for personal, communal and institutional sin.

Sunday Morning Mass

Sunday Mass in St Patrick’s with Sacred Music led by St Patrick’s Choir
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