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An Invitation not to be Ignored!

It’s amazing how often I meet people who say that the Trinity means nothing to them. They say that it’s too vague, too far away from them. Too complicated. They even say that it has no bearing on their life. It goes further. I have people say to me that their faith life is rooted in Jesus, which of course is marvellous, but then they go on to say that they have no connection with the Trinity. Now whilst I…


                                    IS THERE ANY HOPE FOR THE CHURCH? I have been pondering this question for a long time now. Maybe it’s an age thing but I am so tired of the language of crisis. It must be twenty years now that I am listening to talk of the various crises facing the Church with a host of names attached to them including, crisis of faith, crisis of vocations, and crisis of identity. This talk has oftentimes been accompanied with a…