Legion Of Mary

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What is the Legion of Mary?

The largest lay Catholic organisation in the world. Founded in Dublin in 1921 by Irishman Frank Duff; has over 3 million active and 10 million praying members.


A weekly meeting – praying and planning apostolic work

Two hours Legion work every week

What is Legion Work ?

Apostolic work is being Mary’s hands and feet in today’s world.

It could mean visiting prisons, homes, hospitals, nursing homes, organising retreats and works for young people, helping in two hostels for homeless men and women, discussion groups, instructing children, young people, or adults preparing for the sacraments

Who may join the Legion of Mary ?

All practising Catholics who wish to play their full part as lay members of the Church and who are prepared to follow the Legion system.

Do you realise?

That you who have faith have something very precious to share

That you can alleviate spiritual hunger by sharing your faith

That sharing your faith can make a difference to others

That Christ expects you to play your part in his work

Alfie Lambe, in full Alphonsus Lambe, was an Irish-born Roman Catholic lay-missionary and envoy of the Legion of Mary to South America.
Born: June 24, 1932, Tullamore
Died: January 21, 1959, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Place of burial: Cementerio de la Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Edel Mary Quinn, known as Edel Quinn was an Irish-born Roman Catholic lay-missionary and Envoy of the Legion of Mary to East Africa.
Born: September 14, 1907, Castlemagner
Died: May 12, 1944, Nairobi, Kenya
Place of burial: Kenya

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